Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do you enroll in a university in Australia without taking IELTS?

Before listing the specific Australian universities that don’t require IELTS certification, let’s explain the common ways in which you can be exempted from it.

  1. Having another English Proficiency Test certification. These alternatives to IELTS, like TOEFL or PTE, are much cheaper.
  2. Taking the English Proficiency Test of the university. Many universities have designed their own tests, so you’ll be able to completely skip this step when preparing your documents because you’ll have to take their test when applying.
  3. Being a citizen of an English speaking country. Each university usually has a list of the countries they accept in order to be exempted from IELTS.
  4. Studying secondary and/or tertiary education in English. This applies even if you come from a non-English speaking country, but you’ll have to prove that the education you received was completely in English.
  5. Having a degree from a university in an English speaking country or from a program taught in English.
  6. Studying in one of their English programs before starting your career courses. This is a good option if the university decides your English level is insufficient or if you can’t prove your English skills.

Now that you know if you meet any of the criteria mentioned, let’s jump into the specific universities to see which universities in Australia accept alternatives to IELTS.


Is studying abroad expensive?

Studying abroad can be quite affordable and comparable to your regular university tuition. The overall cost will ultimately depend on a variety of factors including: your destination of choice (cost of living), program duration, currency exchange rates, personal expenses, type of exchange, and the fees charged by your program/university.